InfiNet Computer Solutions recommends Avast Business Security. Let us monitor and manage your anti-virus protection for your computer or entire organization.

Avast CloudCareSign up now for Avast's world-class internet protection.  No need to manage license numbers because everything is managed in the Cloud!  We offer Avast CloudCare for $59.95 which protects any computer for two years. 

Free anti-virus software isn't enough.  Avast provides reliable protection from ransom-ware, viruses, malware, trojans and worms.  Don't take a chance by leaving your system vulnerable to ever increasing threats from the evils lurking on the internet.

Considr the time and money it will take to repair an infected machine.  Be proactive and protect all of your computers.  We manage licenses and virus threats from our centralized Avast CloudCare portal.  Avast will automatically remove competitive anti-virus software and install with a link we provide you.  No further configuration is necessary.  Avast is simple.  No confusing notifications to worry about making the wrong choices when a problem is found.