InfiNet Computer Solutions specialize in e-commerce solutions to help you sell your products online.

E-Commerce Solutions


Many new and exciting services from InfiNet including e-commerce gateways, domain domain registration, privatization, and much more are now available at:

It's happening: a new way of doing business, E-commerce is changing the rules. Enterprises that do not participate will not survive. Enterprises that do will reduce costs, increase profits, and ultimately transform their capability for creating value.

E-commerce can seem easy, but many will hit a "wall" before they realize real value. Getting to real value takes more than advanced technology. It takes process innovation, enlightened strategic intent and human performance improvement. It means looking past traditional boundaries and changing traditional mind sets. Shopping Cart and E-commerce From shopping cart systems to full inventory control and management systems, InfiNet can help you develop the right E-commerce solution for your business. With automated credit card processing and secure server connections, you can depend on quality and performance.

Each of our E-commerce systems is customized for your business needs, and can be easily managed. E-commerce Hosting Our E-Commerce hosting plans start at $180/year. Credit Card Processing In order to start credit card processing, all you need is a merchant account. Need a merchant account? InfiNet now offers them at

InfiNet will establish an on-line gateway for you to either electronically process your credit card or notify you by e-mail so that you can process your order manually. There are two ways to go about credit card processing:

  • A Real Time System- The information is captured and sent to a secured server where it is further transmitted to the credit card processing center's mainframe. Approval is obtained and returned in just a few seconds, when the credit card processing is completed. Approval is almost instantaneous. Click the Sign Up Now button below to sign up for an electronic gateway so you can process credit cards from your website.

  • A Manual System - You receive the order directly from your web site, you process the order, you key in the order to a Credit Card terminal. This system is good for people who do not have the sales orders yet, and is a temporary solution until your business grows and needs automated processing. This system is ideal for businesses looking to start an e-commerce site but can't justify the costs of a credit card processing gateway. If processing cards manually proves to be too time consuming, we can help you easily transition into a real time credit card processing solution. For more information: