InfiNet Computer Solutions offers virtualized Linux and Windows server environments.  Virtualization creates an isolated server environment that is a dedicated server that is usually implemented on a shared server.  We utilize VMware for virtualization.

There are several advantages to using a virtual private server.  The server is a dedicated server on a shared host server.  This protects your data from the possibility of incorrectly set share permissions on a shared server.  A virtual server works and behaves like any other server.  You can install and run any applications and services that you could on a dedicated server.   Another advantage of using a virtual private server is the ease in implementation and migration to other servers.  Each virtual private server instance is ONE single file!   You can copy or move the file to any other virtual private host and bring it back online in minutes.

We offer both Linux and Windows VPS solutions starting at $125 / month. Our VPS packages include continuous off-site backup! 

Please call us for more information: 970-282-8838